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foundation grantmaking

The Hilton Global Foundation traditionally awards grants within three focus areas – annual grants, disaster response & resiliency grants, and signature partnerships. Learn more about the Foundation’s annual grantmaking strategy and explore our grantees’ work below.

2021 HILTON Global Foundation GRANTS

The Hilton Global Foundation recognizes that the COVID-19 Pandemic and the increasing threat of climate change have dramatically affected communities and people around the world. In response, the Foundation focused its 2021 Annual Grants on organizations that are hyper-focused on restoring and strengthening communities.

The grants also focused on organizations dedicated to supporting those that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and climate change, including youth, women, minority populations, and refugees.

Explore our 2021 Hilton Global Foundation Grantees.

In celebration of Hilton’s 100th anniversary, the Foundation announced its first Hilton Global Foundation Annual Grants in 2019, positively impacting the lives of thousands in more than 20 communities around the world. Learn more about our 2019 and 2020 Hilton Global Foundation Grants.



Since 2012, Hilton and the Hilton Global Foundation have partnered with International Youth Foundation (IYF) to create opportunities for young people by developing and strengthening their skillsets. With a $1.5 million USD investment from the Foundation, IYF developed Passport to Success Concierge, a free online course that prepares young people with the critical skills needed to succeed in the hospitality and tourism sector.


The Hilton Global Foundation partners with World Wildlife Fund to drive positive environmental impact. The Foundation supports WWF in implementing destination stewardship projects, driving water stewardship and investing in improvements to renewable energy. Hilton has partnered with WWF for five years.