communities in need

Team Rubicon, Texas


Hilton operates in areas where the risk of disaster or other catastrophic losses exist, and Hilton is deeply committed to supporting communities in times of hardship. Hilton and the Hilton Global Foundation invest in short-term relief and long-term resiliency efforts to support communities impacted by disasters. Separate from the Hilton Global Foundation, Hilton operates a Team Member Assistance Fund that aids Hilton Team Members impacted by disaster and personal hardship situations. When it comes to the community at large, the Foundation supports organizations responding to the urgent needs of community members by providing grants to nonprofits on the ground.

RESPONDING TO THE UKRAINIAN REFUGEE CRISIS: The Hilton Global Foundation has made contributions to World Central Kitchen (WCK) and Project Hope in support of Ukrainian refugees. Our partners at WCK are providing hot meals in Ukraine to those who have stayed as well as to refugees in Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary. They are working with local restaurant partners, catering companies, and food trucks to meet the needs. Project Hope continues to be a boots-on-the-ground partner providing humanitarian assistance and emergency supplies to displaced people across the region.

RESPONDING TO COVID-19: As COVID-19 impacted and continues to be a challenge in communities worldwide, the Hilton Global Foundation pledged to support several organizations working with vulnerable communities throughout this global pandemic. Through our 2020 Annual Grants and emergency response grants already made, the Foundation awarded more than $1 million dollars in COVID-19 community response efforts. You can join us in aiding those severely impacted by donating to the Hilton Global Foundation, or by donating your Hilton Honors Points to some of the organizations responding.


The Foundation supports organizations in their on-the-ground response efforts in communities severely impacted by disaster and hardship. When disaster strikes, the Hilton Global Foundation partners with grantees that are responding to the immediate needs of the community. Previous disaster response grant recipients include Team Rubicon, World Central Kitchen, Project HOPE, Direct Relief, American Red Cross and more. 


When a disaster strikes, the Hilton Global Foundation team assesses the situation to determine our level of response. Hilton Team Members, leaders, guests and community members have the opportunity to support our disaster response efforts by making a contribution to the Foundation.